My 1st Marathon: The RACE Experience and VLOG and Photos

We departed from  Boise at 6:00am Saturday July 25th to run my very 1st FULL MARATHON in San Francisco, CA!     The day we arrived in San Francisco was a very eventful day! First, we rode the public transit, “BART” downtown to the Embarcadero, and walked to our hotel!  I could’ve had family pick us up at the airport, but I have never navigated a BIG CITY and I wanted to figure it out with America by my side! We felt like we were on a little adventure, and now we know how to navigate in the city using public transit. It was easier than I thought and so fun! I LOVE the CITY, I LOVE new experiences, and I LOVE BART!IMG_3795

Once we found our hotel we had to then find the shuttle to the Race Expo and pickup our race packets, shirts, and bibs! That was were we met up with my family.  My mom and aunt Christina, drove from Idaho to San Francisco to visit my cousin and cheer for us. My cousin Rene lives in the city with her husband Brian and two twin girls Amelia and Sarah. It was SO great to spend time with them and see their home and life in SF.

We took Snap Chat video and pics the ENTIRE trip! It was fun because we can share the moments with our family and friends who follow us on Snap Chat! I like it because it’s like being present in someones life and in the moment with them and not having to text or post it to other social media for the world. I have combined most of our stories for you in the Flipagrams below! IMG_3315

You’ll see BEFORE the RACE, DURING the MARATHON , others can be found on my You Tube of everything we did AFTER the Race as we traveled around San Francisco!

I do need to WARN YOU! These are BOUNCY, BAD QUALITY cell phone videos, and you are going to hear a lot of girly laughter, and apparently my favorite word is “YAY!! I had no idea I sounded so annoying HAHA!!   Anyway, this was a huge milestone and goal achieved in my life and I am so HAPPY and PROUD to share it with you!



We woke up at 4:15 am and started eating our PRE-RACE meals! I ate a “Perfect Bar” and a Protein shake!  These Perfect Bars are AMAZING and make my mouth water just thinking about it! I got mine at the Race Expo and I highly recommend them and you can check them out at their website:  THE PERFECT BAR! Almond-Coconut-Ingredients_1024x1024 They have lots of flavors but my favorite is Almond Coconut and Almond Butter:)

Every detail starting from your food, to the time you eat, and even the time you POOP is important when you are running a marathon! If you didn’t know already “Pooping” is a important topic for runners:) Think about it…. you don’t want to be needing the toilet as you are crossing the Golden Gate Bridge haha! That was honestly one of my biggest concerns the morning of the race.  I just wanted to “take care of business” BEFORE the race so that I could relax and not worry about the bathroom while I was running! This is difficult considering that the race BEGINS at 6AM!! THANKFULLY, this course was well equipped with Port-A-Potties along the way!

The RACE was 26.2 miles in a HUGE loop around the city! We stared on Folsom and Embarcardero and looped along the water to the Golden Gate Bridge and back! It continued through the city and through Golden Gate Park, and we came out and ran down Haight Ashbury.  We finished off running by AT&T Park where the Giants play and back where we started! IMG_3736It was a BLAST!! I am not going to lie…..It was HARD on the mind and body.  There were times my knees hurt SO BAD. We took Tylenol along the way at the medical tables and it helped us get through it. I saw runners who looked miserable and even puking on the side of the road.  I NEVER felt that terrible and I owe that to proper training and a great running partner!

There were A LOT of emotions that come and go along the way, and staying strong with my partner was most important for me along the race.  In the video below a lot of clips from both America and my phones during the race.  At  MILE 25…. I started to break down and get a little emotional a little because at that moment I really KNEW I was going to finish.  I was about to accomplish this HUGE achievement that I had worked so hard for.  It felt SO good and I couldn’t hold back the tears…. I FELT AMAZING!! I really could not have done it without a partner.  America was the most supportive running buddy! We encouraged each other the entire race and I am so grateful for her.  I would’ve never even signed up for the marathon if it wasn’t for her.  It’s important to have a partner who is at your level and stays positive.  We stayed together the entire time and we stayed positive which helped so much.  At one point we even played a “game” to get our mind of the pain and exhaustion.  There were moments where I was stronger and pushed us, and there were other times where she was motivating and pushing me! We were a good pair!  It was fun to Snap Chat and share that with my family back home! Even though these videos are not the best, these moments are something I never want to forget!



We walked back to our hotel, rested, showered, and celebrated with a drink at the Hotel lounge!  Then  we hopped on the bus to my cousins home and met up with the family.  We had an AMAZING dinner at a little Peruvian restaurant in their neighborhood called “Fresca”!  It was delcisous and the perfect after race meal!  Later we checked in a little hotel by the beach with my mom and aunt and spent a couple more days touring San Francisco! I LOVE THE CITY! Its my favorite place to be, with the cars, the culture, and all of the people!  We rested and went to the beach the day after the race.  Then we went downtown a few more times and did most of the touristy stuff like Fisherman’s Warf and riding a cable car, and China Town.  It turned into a wonderful vacation and I had a great time enjoying the city and all that San Francisco has to offer.


I hope you realize that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you want if you work for it! Please feel free to comment and share! All of our training, supplements, and preparation for the marathon info was in the previous blog post! Go check it out if you are interested in a beginner, intermediate, or advanced training program.

FullSizeRender1Future Races

I will definitely do another Marathon and probably several half marathons again in the future! The San Francisco Marathon was the PERFECT 1st full race for me! It was the best weather, scenery, and expereince.  I highly reccommedn it to everyone! The drawbacks to that particular race are that SF is a pretty expensive city and that can be difficult for the budget.  But, I wanted my summer to be EPIC and it was because we went there and had an amazing trip!  I would LOVE to have more family and friends join me and America as we do more races in the future!


Other Races I hope to do in the future are:


If you have any other race recommendations that you LOVE or even to AVOID, PLEASE leave your comment below! I would be very interested in your experiences and opinions on the BEST or WORST races to do!  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like some help getting started on your next goal!




My 1st Marathon: Training and Getting Started


I am so excited to FINALLY post about MY FIRST MARATHON! This blog post was started BEFORE I left for San Francisco and it’s already been over 1 month since the marathon! AHHH LIFE is so crazy that sadly this is always the last thing I get to play with in my “free time” haha! Anywhoooo…..

Each year I set a new goal to achieve, you may call it a “bucket list”, but since I am an optimist and don’t plan to die soon, it’s more like a “LIFE List”, with the main purpose of living my life to the fullest! Many of the things I have do are often challenging and uncomfortable along the way but so rewarding in the long run.  For example, last year I did the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant, and THIS year, it was running a FULL MARATHON, yes that is 26.2 miles!  IMG_4349This is my first blog post that shares my marathon experience, past, present, and future!


Part 1: PAST: The details, time and training to prepare for the San Francisco Marathon! Below are the training programs, gear, supplements, etc.


  • PRESENT: This will be the RACE itself!  We have photos and videos to show you the experience from our perspective while were running:)
  • FUTURE: Will I do it again and What’s Next??

I HOPE that this will help you to set some physical goals and motivate you to push yourself into a stronger and healthier you. Please feel free to write me and comment, as I would love to answer questions and possibly help you on your achievement!  Motivating others motivates me! Trust me, if I can do this, so can YOU!
♥ Camille




STEP 1: Flash Back to SIGNING UP!

In January, I decided to commit to running my 1st FULL Marathon in the summer!  This was a BIG deal for me.  Even though I have run 1/2 marathons, I just never felt like I would take that leap to double that distance.  I mean 13.1 miles is plenty, and to double that is INSANITY! Haha… Well, NEVER SAY NEVER!! When my friend (former pageant sister) America Yorita-Carrion asked me to run a marathon with her….. I didn’t feel like shooting her down with a big fat NO, as I have in the past. For some reason I just felt like I needed to consider it and that was reason enough to know that if I thought for even 1 second that I could do it, then I SHOULD do it! I decided to go for it!  At that time, we had a long time to get started and really didn’t have to start training until April.  So, took the first step toward that goal by registering for the San Francisco Marathon set for July 26th, 2015! I just had peace knowing that I wouldn’t be running it alone and this would be an epic event for the year, in a city I have never visited!  I was actually so excited!!


This was my first destination run and I am so excited for the whole experience in a new city! Shopping early is best when flying and we found airline tickets also back in early February.  We got an early flight which would give us a full day to pickup our race packets, eat a good meal, and get a good nights sleep before our early morning run race which begins at 6:00am!

READY to GO at 4:00am!! Off to the Boise Airport to catch our 6am Flight!


Our training program was found on RunKeeper, which is an app that allows you to track your runs, locate training programs, and records your progress! We used the Sub 3:45, which is for intermediate runners, but we altered the distances and pace to fit us.

We gave ourselves 14-16 weeks of training to prepare.  Believe it or not, at the beginning of our program in April, I was only able to run 3-5 miles comfortably.  That may sound like a lot to you, if you don’t jog currently, but at one time I didn’t think I could even run 5 miles, and here I am today.  SO IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT!  Training is EVERYTHING! IF you pick a date, sign up, find a program and follow it as closely as you can, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Your body will allow you to make those distances and you won’t feel the pain of it.  Of course, running is RUNNING and for many there is pain in saying the WORD “run” ha ha, but  I know you will be amazed at what your body allows you to do given the adequate time and effort in training.

RUNNING PROGRAMS:  Below are training programs that I have used! The thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to follow them perfectly, you just want to make sure you are getting out there and running a few times per week! Pick a program and follow it as closely as you can!

12week Marathon Training

This program America edited to fit our pace and distances! She used the Sub 3:45 Marathon Program from RunKeeper to get the schedule and then made adjustments to fit us!

5K to Half Marathon Plan

Couch to 5K

Here is our Journey from April to July in pics on the road! They may look like a Selfie album, but there is meaning and memories begin every single run and this was really the only way we could capture our journey:)

LAST 8 miles BEFORE we run San Francisco Marathon!

Running 18miles by Lake Lowell in Caldwell

16 Mile Run on the Boise River Greenbelt!


RUN/WALK:   We do the run/walk method, aka the Galloway Method!  This is an interval type running pace, where we walk for 1 minute and then run for 3 min.  We repeat this over and over!!  This method was established by former Olympian Jeff Galloway, and is a way to reduce running injury, increase endurance, and helps improve finish times by reducing fatigue!  Read more about it  right HERE!


SHOES: These are obviously SO IMPORTANT! I went to Pulse Running Store in Meridian Idaho.  They got me in the right shoe for me, in less that 30 min! It was an awesome experience and I LOVE my BROOKS Launch 2 shoes. An important lesson I have learned is that your shoes should NEVER need to be “broken in”! They should feel and wear awesome from the start and if they don’t then you need different shoes!!

GYMBOSS TIMER:  This little timer clips to your clothes and vibrates and beeps when you are supposed to walk or run! This is about $20 on Amazon and a great little workout tool for interval training of any kind.

FUEL BELT:  Our belt to bring water and Rehydrate on long runs!

RUNNING APPS: Both FREE on the App Store



SUPPLEMENTS: Be sure to PRACTICE EVERYTHING you plan to do during the marathon BEFORE the actual race! Whatever you plan eat, or drink before or during the race, is best to try on your body to be sure that you like it and test your body to see how it handles it.  Some running drinks or supplements could upset your stomach and that’s the last thing you want while you’re running  marathon!

What I use for LONG RUNS:

-Advocare Rehydrate: We drink this the whole way! Love this stuff for preventing stiffness and pain. This prevents muscle cramps by keeping the muscles hydrated! We will drink at least 1-3 servings of this drink during the race. I get mine through my distributor and mother who sells Advocare from her shop at:

-GU: Gives your body energy, and supplies it with extra electrolytes and sugars to use as energy during the run! We will take approximately 4 GU’s along the race course. I prefer the GU with caffeine and  I usually purchase my GU at sporting good stores like Dick’s, Sports Authority, or REI.

There are many other running supplements out there, you just have to try it before your race day!  NEVER try something NEW on the day of the race.  ALWAYS practice using your gear, clothes, and supplements BEFORE your big run!


Flip Belt – holds my phone, keys, ID, etc.

Fuel Belt

GU- great to eat along the way for energy and support

Phone- for taking a million selfies on the Golden Gate bridge and Snap Chatting the whole time!

Gymboss-interval timer (above)

Socks- “FEETURES” running socks

Capris, tank, and sports bra (All from TARGET)


 Just REGISTER! Find a 5k, 10k, or 1/2 marathon that is 3-6 months out and SIGN UP!! You don’t need to register for a MARATHON.  Make it a goal, find a training program ( like Couch to 5K) and start it! I GUARANTEE that if you start the program and do even 1/2 of the workouts  that it suggests on your training program you will be ready and do great!! There is no better feeling than reaching that goal, crossing that finish line!  If you need help finding a run that fits you and a training schedule, contact me! 


MORE TO COME:  NEXT POST will be ALL about San Francisco and a Video of our run! America and I both SnapChatted the ENTIRE RUN and trip, so WE will be editing and posting our video and MORE pics ASAP!


Comment and Like this Post! If you have any questions about running, gear, training or ANYTHING, I would be more than happy to try and help you!

Let me know what your favorite running GEAR, APPS, and DISTANCE RUNS! I would LOVE to hear about the runs you’ve done and LOVE or HATE! I will definitely do another marathon in the future.  The two that I hope to do in the future are the LA Marathon and the Seattle Marathon.

Hope you ENJOY!



Adoption Update: Wilson is 3 months old!

FullSizeRenderIt’s been a while …….Wilson is now 3 months old and he is growing fast!  He is adorable in every way.  He lights up and his whole body smiles and it fills everyone with happiness.  Right now, his personality seems so mellow and sweet.  He is happiest when is is full of milk and snuggling on your chest, but he will play by himself and is content on the ground under his play-mat.  He is a wonderful baby!

We have come a long way since Wilson came and changed our life drastically. Getting that initial phone call and having a newborn within 6 weeks, took a toll on everyone but definitely has effected me physically and emotionally. It literally wiped me out and I am finally starting to feel normal again.  After experiencing some symptoms and doing some research, I recently found out that the stress of it all sent my system into “adrenal fatigue” and I am now taking some supplements and starting to feel better:)  I have learned a lot about how chronic stress can effect your body and I would love to share that with anyone.  BUT, that’s a whole different blog post in itself!  Basically, it hasn’t been easy, but we have made it kind of full- circle and things are looking up and getting easier in many ways.  Rawley loves his baby brother and is very sweet to him.  Rawley has also grown up in many ways and is getting more self sufficient and easier to deal with.  The hardest part is the exhaustion and time that it takes to do everything for everyone.  But I realize this is a season and that it won’t be like this forever! So, even though I hate carrying diaper bags and filling my car and house with baby gear, I am so happy with Wilson, he is the sweetest baby and we are SO THANKFUL to have him!

Here is a short video from Wilson’s arrival that shows some great memories and just how much he has changed since he was born!

Wilsons 3 Month Doctors Visit

This baby has had no trouble catching up with weight! He is growing fast! At his most recent doctor visit for a wellness check and immunizations he was off the charts! His doctor was very happy and he hardly cried during his shots.



Wilson was born weighing 5lbs. 9oz and now weighs over 15.2lbs! Rawley also is off the charts in height and weight for a 3 year old! Even though it was Wilsons appointment Rawley insisted on Dr. Barker checking on him as well.



We have two very healthy and happy boys and we are so grateful for them! We really couldn’t ask for anything more!


Birth Mom Update

We have been in communication with their birthmom Leslie through text and email.  We have exchanged pictures and she is very happy to see them growing and happy!  We plan to continue to send updates and photos as much as we can.

Adoption Finalization

The adoption of Wilson is not complete.  We still have to finalize the adoption legally in Idaho. Technically, we have guardianship and custody of Wilson, given to us by Heart to Heart Adoption Agency.  This means that we have to hire a lawyer, have another home visit from a social worker, and then be approved to finalize. Our post placement visit took place about 3 weeks ago and we are waiting to hear back from the ICPC about the status of our report.  As soon as that is processed our attorney will set a court date and the finalization will take place in front of a judge.  This is the LAST step in the adoption process!! That will be a very exciting day!

Adoption Help

If you or anyone you know is interested in adoption or has questions about the process PLEASE CONTACT ME! It’s a long and complicated journey at times, but with support and a little experience it can be much easier and is so worthwhile!

Love: Camille


My email:

NEXT BLOG POST!   My 1st MARATHON: Training for the San Francisco Marathon!



Wilson’s Arrival and More!

photo 1 (5)

Our baby boy was born at 10:45am on March 26th!

I have been anxiously waiting to post an update, but the last few weeks have blown by so fast and our life is beginning to get back to our “new normal”!  Two weeks ago we were in Utah there was very little time between the hotel and the hospital. Long days and nights, sleeping in one king-size bed, and eating fast food daily was not so fun after a while.  A little over a week later, we got the “okay” to come home just in time for Easter.
photo 2 (8)

Easter 2015

However, life with a newborn, a 3 year old, and a highschool senior playing baseball, there hasn’t been much “sit down, by myself, at a computer, free-time”.

photo 4 (2)

Trying to type this blog post with baby Wilson resting on me:)

Those moments are few and far between right now.  It’s more like late nights up with the baby, making bottles, and laundry have become my routine, but there is no complaining here….. it’s going great!  I may or may not know what day of the week it is from tired mom brain, BUT this baby is the sweetest little angel boy and we are so in love with him!
I am happy to report that we had a great trip and it was definitely an adventure, as adoption stories usually are.  At times, I felt like I was living in a “Lifetime” movie or some dramatic story.  Thankfully the drama was all positive, the emotions were high and that can be exhausting, but it s been a happy ending and is really just the exciting beginning of a whole life ahead of this perfect little boy named, Wilson Cortez Levi.
There is so much to say, and so much that happened! I’ll do my best to communicate the extent of the experience, but I have a feeling I won’t be doing it justice.  Let me start by saying, that this expereince was incredible and wonderful and I am so thankful to have been able to adopt this perfect little boy.  We are so happy and I appreciate each an every bit of support along the way!
“We hit the ground running” as you may say, and it was so exciting!  Leaving off my last post the night we got the call and left for Utah.  I LOVE photos and making memories, I tried to get a shot of most of the highlights.

Thursday March 26th, 2015

This was a VERY eventful day, starting the night before and arriving in Utah at 3am.   It was amazing and it could not have been better experience! It was a wonderfully exhausting and emotional day… here you go!
photo 5 (2)
We arrived at our hotel in South Jordan, UT. Rawley quickly became in charge of pushing the elevator buttons.  This kid is a little crazy about “button pushing”, and gets pretty upset when anyone else does it!  He was very excited about his baby brother:) I don’t know if we actually slept at all that night.
We met our our case manager from the adoption agency at the Jordan Valley Medial Center at 8:30am.
photo 3 (3)


photo 1 (1)

Arriving at the hospital!

Our case managers from the agency met us in the lobby and they took us into the labor and delivery room to see Leslie.  They had started her labor earlier and she was about halfway to full dilation when we got there.
Of course we were a little nervous walking in, but it went great! Rawley walked in and said, “Hi Leslie” and she said Hi, we gave her hugs! We had talked about Leslie and his baby brother a lot in the last few weeks, so he anticipated them.  If you know Rawley, you know he is a busy body. Honestly he was more intrigued with the gadgets, monitors and IV machine in the hospital room.  He even adjusted some of the buttons and we had to get the nurse in there to make sure he didn’t mess anything up.    She was surprised at how well he speaks and how tall an thin he is.  He is a big boy, but she imagined him to be chunkier than he was:)
After about 30 min. Jeremy took him out to hang out in the lobby and I stayed in the delivery room with her.  It was very comfortable and we casually talked about a lot of different things from her doctor appointment the day before, to things going on over the last few weeks and our plans after the baby is born.
Even though it had been a couple years, we were very comfortable and felt like we had never missed a thing.  However, her labor was hard and fast.  She had to get an epidural re-placed because it wasn’t working and I was able to help with that.  Once they finally got that done correctly, she was more comfortable but the labor progressed even more quickly.

Re-united with Leslie and getting ready to have a baby!

There were case workers from the adoption agency there, one for her and one for us.  They were nice ladies who were there to support us.  Because Rawley was getting a little too rambunctious Jeremy went to get snacks for him at the grocery store and not even 30 min. later the baby was born! Four good pushes he was here! She did great and I was right there for everything.
He was born at 10:45 am and weighed 5lbs. 9oz and was 17 3/4 inches long! He didn’t really cry much at all.  It was incredible to see him born and not as scary as I had imagined;) This was my first time witnessing a birth and I feel so blessed to have been there for him and her. I have a week stomach at times, but it wasn’t bad.  Then, the doctor asked me to cut the umbilical cord, and I squinted a bit, but then said, “okay, if she can do that, then I can do this” and then I cut the cord! It wasn’t bad either:) Pretty much incredible is how I can describe how I felt at that movement.  It was simply AWESOME!  I felt very close to Leslie and I was so happy to share that with her.
I text Jeremy, “He IS HERE” and I guess they were standing in the chip aisle at the grocery store and he rushed back to the hospital!

photo 3photo 4photo 5 (1)

 After they cleaned him up the nurses handed him to me, and he was absolutely  perfect and tiny! Such a miracle, and I simply had no words to describe the feeling of holding him for the very first time. The nurses asked  her if she wanted him first, and she told them to give him to me.  She was very careful and wanted me to bond with him. I just appreciate her so much and caring about me and thinking about us.  Once he was cleaned up and I could hold him,  I walked over and showed him to her and she took a few pictures on her phone to keep and send her sister.  Shortly after the anesthetic and exhaustion set in and she just needed to sleep. Jeremy and Rawley got back to the hospital and we stayed in the room for a while and held him and took lots of photos.



IMG_0014 photo 1 (2)
photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)





The rest of the day just continued to get better and we made some wonderful memories.

After my parents arrived, they got to hold the baby, and we were very happy to have their help and to be a part of this experience.  Rawley LOVES his muma and papa, so they planned to take him to the hotel to relax and swim, while we spend the rest of the evening with Leslie.

photo 1 (4) IMG_0065


Before my parents took him back to the hotel, Leslie’s four kids came after school to see their mom, meet Rawley, and the baby.  It’s been 3 1/2 years since we first saw them and Rawley was only 1 day old!   I think they were surprised to see how big he is an how grown up he as become! He immediately started playing with them, jumping around on them and rough-housing with them.  It did’tn take long for them to start to pick him up and toss him around either.  It was so fun.  The little girls held the baby, and when I got out my camera they wanted to take pictures with it! We took some group photos and gave them each  little gift.  They loved everything and we had fun together in that short time.  Everyone seemed so happy and it was a great time.   We were all together again, and it was wonderful to see Leslie happy and everyone smiling. She made a comment that, her “cheeks hurt from smiling” so much, and felt like we were “one big family”.   This is was a complete contrast from the feelings in Mississippi, which were nervous, and scared from all parties.  I am so thankful her kids were able to see Rawley again, and see that this new baby would also be okay.  It was so great and we no one wanted it to end.  But my parents took Rawley back to the hotel and her kids left with a babysitter.

IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0085 IMG_0086   IMG_0089  IMG_0094

 From that time on we sat with her hospital room fed and spent time with her and the baby.  It was so nice to talk and we didn’t stop for hours.  She opened up about her whole life, where she’s been, and where she is going.  She has an amazing life story and has been through more than most. She is incredibly brave and has some personal goals for the future.  She wants the best for her kids and knows that in order to continue to meet their needs and give them what they deserve, this adoption was necessary.  I learned so much and I am so thankful for the time we spent together.  photo 5 (4)I have a better understanding of who she is and what led to this situation and decision.  She is an amazing and strong woman and a true survivor.   I asked her to write a little bit about herself to the baby, and she said she would like to write a letter about herself to the boys and she said she would still like to do this. I really hope she does!  For children who are adopted the more information they have about their birth parents, the more likely they are to feel like they know who they are and have peace about it.  They don’t have as many questions and can live their life without wondering.  That is what I want for my boys.  I want to be able to answer all of their questions and be a open and honest about their birth parents and their adoption story.  I love Leslie and I am so thankful for her.  I wish more women would consider adoption and how it really is a win-win situation.

Friday March 27th, 2015

On Friday, we went to the hospital about 9 am and we spend the morning with the baby in the nursery, holding and feeding him . The agency dealt with all of the legal documents and paperwork.  The laws for adoption in Utah are very nice and they make it much easier for all parties.  Birth mothers can sign their adoption paperwork after 24 hours in the hospital and then be discharged if they are well enough to leave. Every state is differnt and this was much better to the 72 hour wait we had in Mississippi, which had us very anxious.  This time it wasn’t like that at all.   I had peace, and I knew that she would follow through.  She really does want what is best for theses boys and I am so glad we have a good relationship.

Around 12pm she signed and was discharged.  We were in the lobby hanging out with Rawley and my parents. We wanted to say goodbye to Leslie.

photo 2 (3) photo (2)It was sad to see them go, so we took a few more photos and exchanged contact information and gave lots of hugs.  We loved the time we had together!photo 2 (4)photo 4 (4)On the Monday after, we saw Leslie and the kids one last time! We printed all of the photos and took them to her apartment.   She was busy getting ready to move.  But she had bought both boys a couple of outfits and some “Swaddle me” wraps for Jeremy, since he told her he didn’t know how to swaddle;) That was so sweet and we were sad to go.   We plan to keep in touch and we already have text and emailed each other to wish each other a Happy Easter.
photo 1 (8)Leaving the Hospital
Wilson got to leave the hospital Saturday after sitting through a 2 hour car seat test.  photo 2 (7)
They wanted to be sure that he didn’t lose oxygen sitting in a car seat, since we would be traveling by car back to Idaho soon. We left him there and he passed and we were good to leave.  Our case manager Linda came and we got to take Wilson back to the 3 (7)


photo 3 (5)photo 4 (6)
photo 3 (8)Wilson’s temporary bed at the hotel was my grandmother’s suitcase!  The hotel was out of cribs and we had to make due with what we had.  It worked and he was adorable in it.   My mom and I found these little boy dolls at IKEA and picked up one for Rawley and Wilson.  Right now doll is bigger than him,  but I think it will be so cute to see him eventually out grow his doll:)photo 1 (10)photo 4 (7)Later on that week, we stopped by Heart to Heart Adoption Agency and showed them the baby, signed another document and took a photo.  The ladies there were loving baby Wilson and happy to see Rawley! They were great to work with twice.  There can be so many obstacles and hurdles to jump with any adoption and they were there to help us and her through it all.  I am thankful for the agency and all they did for Leslie and us.  They gave us a chance to have the best experience possible and dealt with all the tough conversations and issues.  I realize now how important their role is in a successful adoptions with all parties walking away with a positive experience and feelings.  They really are looking out for the BEST interest of everyone 3 (4)

We spend a few more days just waiting around and when we got the “okay” to come home we were MORE than READY!  We had a 6 hour drive home but we made it!! We missed Carlos so much and wished that he could have been there, but with baseball and nearing graduation he needed to stay close to home and not fall behind.  We were so happy to see him and to sleep  in our own bed!

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (5)

Why Wilson?

Wilson -This is his birth mom Leslie’s last name, which is special because without her sacrifice we wouldn’t have these precious baby boys and we want a reminder and a part of that with us always. Also, along the same lines as Rawley (or the older version Raleigh)  its an old first name, not super weird or trendy, and easy to pronounce,  which is something that is important to me as a teacher who deals with student names all the time.  Least importantly, but it has it’s connections to the world of sports, which Jeremy and Carlos both enjoy very much! To be honest, when we told Leslie the name we had picked, she didn’t really like it, and we through around some other ideas, but none seemed to fit.  As her last name and I’m sure that’s sounds a bit weird, but to us it’s perfect and we hope it grows on her:) Regardless, she said it’s our decision and she would be fine with whatever we named him.
Cortez – is my maiden name and the middle name for Carlos and Rawley. I like my original last name and don’t want to lose that.  It’s a tradition in my dad’s family to have the mother’s last name as a common middle name in all the children.
Only 8 weeks ago……
When we first got that phone call in February, I honestly doubted the likelihood that this was really possible.  I was a little scared of the thought of having a new baby so soon,  and when we realized how little time we had to come up with the money.  It’s not that I did’t believe that God could work it out, its just that it was beyond my natural  abilities I had no choice but to watch and see it unfold.  That is hard, when I tend to think I am in control and then I am reminded by something like this, that I am not .


 Again, I am humbled by the abundance of GRACE (undeserved favor and blessing) that God has given to me and my family on many occasions such as this. It’s always in perfect timing and NEVER the way I would’ve imagined my life would be! But it’s amazing and better than I could have ever done on my own. I believe God uses people to do His work here, and he used so many of you helped us adopt Wilson!
wilson thanks
I wish I could repay you or do something to show you how much we appreciate every single bit of support!  Thank you to everyone who allowed God to use you to bring Wilson into our family and to give Rawley his biological brother! With the deepest gratitude and my whole heart FILLED with LOVE, THANK YOU!!!I am excited to see what God’s plan is for Rawley and Wilson and so happy to be their mom and watch them grow up together!


Adoption Update: We got the Call and We Are On Our way!

It’s Time!! Rawley’s baby brother is coming tomorrow! We got the call at 4pm and we are on our way to Utah right now!

I had been cleaning this week and felt more prepared for the baby but I hadn’t packed anything for the trip. We do have the car seat, diapers, and clothes! Thank you to everyone who has given us those necessities! I was running around my house packing like a crazy person! We will have to pick up stuff if we forgot anything, but I’m pretty sure we will have what we need to get by.

Jeremy got off work at 7pm and we just left home about 9:30pm!! We’ll be driving all night, arriving at the hotel at around 3am.
We were able to find a hotel near the hospital and Rawley is soooo excited! He loves hotels:) Sadly, Carlos is staying home because he is house & animal sitting for friends and has a baseball tournament starting tomorrow. I wish he could come, but I think he is happy to have the time to himself;) My parents will be driving to Salt Lake City tomorrow to help us out with Rawley.

PLEASE pray for Leslie and the baby! Leslie will be induced at 6 am and we will be meeting our case manager at the hospital at 8:30am. It’s going to be a LONG night and day tomorrow! The doctor is inducing her tomorrow because the baby is not gaining weight as he should. That make us a little nervous but I trust they know what they are doing. We are very excited and a little anxious. Jeremy has been up since 3am and worked all day, but the adrenaline is going and he’s ready for the drive! Nevertheless, please also pray for our traveling tonight!

Thank you for your Love and support! We could not have done this without you all and we will never be able to express how grateful we are for all of you!

We will try to take lots of pics and keep you posted!

Love: Camille

Adoption Update: Talked to Leslie Again

Rawley’s first baseball sleeper! One of the only things I kept. I just wasn’t expecting to have another baby boy…ever! But things change fast and he’s coming soon. I had another conference call with Leslie tonight, and she’s ready to have this baby! She said she will try to keep him in for a little while longer so we can be there. She asked me if I would like to be in the delivery room with her and even cut the umbilical cord! I would love to be in the room, but I am not sure about the cord! Makes me a little queezy thinking about that, but I am sure I could do it in the moment!

I really enjoyed talking to her. It wasn’t awkward at all. We were very comfortable on the phone, especially this time. We talked about her doctor appointment today and she is now 3.5cm dilated! We also talked about things her kids like and also what Rawley enjoys right now. I asked her if she would write down a little bit of information about herself for the new baby. She did that for Rawley, and it’s very special. It’s something I think they will like to read when they get older. I want them to know things about her that only her family and closest friends would know, like: favorite food, colors, music, and traditions she has or had as a child. It was a really nice conversation and I’m glad she feels comfortable talking to me. She really does feel like a friend and I honestly can say that I love her! We talked for at least 30min. And in the end I just told her to take it easy… And that I just need at least another week to get organized.😉 I am praying for a little more time! But there isn’t much we can do. As soon as we get the call that’s she’s in labor, will have to take off to Utah! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Adoption Update: Home Study Complete

So much to do, in such a short amount of time! Last time we adopted, the entire process was about 9 months from starting paperwork to Rawley’s birth.  This time, there is less reading and not classes to take, however just adding adoption paperwork to the day-to-day busyness of a full-time job and family make for a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time.  There is quite a bit of paperwork to complete for a Homestudy.  This was our checklist:

  •  Home study ApplicationIMG_8382
  • Autobiographical Outline (3 pages of questions for EACH of us to answer about our childhood and family background)
  • Parenting Plan (3 pages of questions on how we parent/discipline, etc.)
  • Marriage/ Family Outline ( 3 pages about how we met, how we handle conflict, communicate, etc.)
  • Medical Examination Forms (Completed about our general health)
  • Financial Statement
  • Copies of: Tax Returns/Drivers licence
  • 3 Personal References
  • Criminal History Check (Fingerprinting and Background checks by Health & Welfare)

But we got the majority of it DONE, just in time for our Friday 10 am visit from the social worker!

HOMESTUDY VISIT: We had our Homestudy visit with a licensed social worker done last Friday. It was about a 2 hour interview and it went really well.

Rawley was his usual energetic self!  He is a bit of a fireball and she saw him in action. If you’ve come to our house you would know that he insists on entertaining when company arrives. At one point, he moved the coffee table out of the way in front of her, and insisted on wrestling on the floor with Jeremy! She definitely got to see the REAL DEAL at our home visit. He LOVED giving her a tour of the whole house!

Yesterday, we had our fingerprinting and Criminal History and Background checks done at the Health & Welfare.  Carlos also had to be fingerprinted this time because he is now 18 years old.  The results take about 2-3 weeks to process, so it will be close to the baby’s due date.

Our next big task to complete is the Agency paperwork.  I hope to have that completed this week!


Leslie when to the doctor yesterday and is dilated 3 centimeters!  I know that is still early stages and can stay there for a while or progress quickly also.  I am hoping and praying that she will carry him a week or two longer! Please pray for her and the health of the baby.

I’m getting very excited to meet this new little one! I wonder if he will look like Rawley????  That’s all we really have to compare so it will be so fun to meet this new little boy!

Just for fun…….here are a couple photos from our first few days with Rawley in Mississippi.  We spent 6 days in MS before bringing Rawley home to Idaho.

Rawley1 IMG00279 IMG00309

Rawley was born right in the middle of Carlos All-Star Little League season and the baseball team had a onsie made to match the team! He was like the team Mascot! When Rawley was only 3 weeks old we traveled to Sounthern California for the Regional Little League Championship, where Carlos and his team played for two weeks!  This baby was very well traveled by the time he was 1 month old!

182144_4300981211900_2063681209_n - CopyIMG_0055d1283926_224128630966983_153458_n  282066_224129230966923_8134126_n  


Little League Regional Championship Game Irvine, CA



Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to give me clothes, diapers, and baby gear! I’ve already been given a few things last week, which so nice!  THANK YOU!!  We are more than happy to take anything you would like to give.  I did an inventory of what I still had for an infant and it wasn’t much. I basically kept a few sentimental outfits of Rawley’s and that was it.  I’m not too particular about baby clothes or gear.  So, anything is appreciated! You can email me or call me if you would like our address to drop stuff off or I can pick it up!

Once again, we are so THANKFUL and appreciative of those who have helped and supported us! We love you all very much!  THANK YOU!  We can’t wait to bring this baby home and share him with you!

PLEASE  don’t hesitate to to come visit us as soon as we get home! Without YOU we wouldn’t be able to do this!


P.S. Watch this Video!  I found this on Facebook last week and it shows just what it is like to meet your new baby for the first time! If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the watch….but grab the tissues!



Adoption Update: Moving Forward and a Visit with the Birthmom

GRATEFULTHANKFULBLESSED1The first thing I have to say is that the last week was an emotional one.   Since the last post we have seen so much support, messages of love, prayers, none of which is easy to talk about without tearing up and feeling overwhelmed with appreciation. I couldn’t make it through the day without crying about something someone did unexpectedly that brought me to tears. I am a CRY BABY these days! There not many words that can explain how GRATEFUL, APPRECIATIVE, THANKFUL, and BLESSED we feel to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family.
No words can describe the emotions that have come, after seeing how many people have given any amount of money, shared our story, invited us to into their homes when we travel, or offered to give us baby stuff.  I LOVE each and everyone of you who have prayed because we couldn’t do this without you!  I feel the prayers of so many and I know that’s the peace of God working in this situation. What seemed like an impossible event, now doesn’t seem nearly as far from reality, with the help from everyone.thankful-script
GOOD NEWS on the financial side! The Medial Expenses ($6,000-
$9,000) should be covered so that takes a good chunk of the adoption costs down from 38K down to 28K! It is still A LOT of money, but that will definitely helps so much!
Every donation on our Go Fund Me Page, has gone above and beyond our expectations. I  am so taken back by the people who have given any amount, small or large.  It’s hard to swallow, because I know that no-one is really wealthy and people are truly giving from their heart. There are even people I don’t know at all that have read our story and have been compelled to help.  It’s amazing to me and we are so THANKFUL!  I humbly accept this support, with mixed emotions.  I am over joyed from the support, and yet also sad that it costs so much and that we have had to ask for help. I wish this was something we could do completely on our own and not need help. But that’s not our situation.  I have had to swallow my pride over and over this week and realized that this is okay to accept these gifts, and someday I will need to return the gift to help others in need.  I remind myself that people are helping because they want to and they love us. HERE WE GO AGAIN….makes me cry just thinking about it.  This baby boy is already so loved and wanted. Someday I will share this story with him  and tell him about everyone who reached out to help us bring him home.
We are so happy to share this little guy with you all and want you to be a part of this whole journey! Adoption is an adventure to say the least! Many people have lots of questions about it and I am happy to answer anything you may be curious about. Please feel free to ask questions and let us know if there is anything WE can do for you!!  I have also been praying for  ALL OF YOU, that you are richly blessed for your giving hearts, and that you would be rewarded greatly! That you would receive EVEN MORE returned to you for your love and kindness shown to us.
 BIRTH MOM NEWS: We had a conference call with Leslie, Rawley’s birth-mom on Thursday this last week.   When we got on the call, Leslie sounded very happy to hear our voices, and we were also excited to talk to her.  It was like a flash back to 4 years ago, when we talked to her about Rawley.  As a side note have had an “open adoption”  with her/Rawley, but she moved away from Mississippi, and changed addresses. We lost contact for the last 2 1/2 years.
On our call, we had the case manager from the adoption agency connect us with Leslie and right away, she nicely asked us if we would be willing to have another baby boy into our family.
When we told her “yes”, she sounded very relieved and appreciative. She thanked us and said that she is glad that the boys could be together.  It was important for her to know that they had each other and wouldn’t be alone or spread across different families.


JULY 2011-Our last day in the hospital with Rawley’s birth parents in Jackson, MS.

We talked about the pregnancy, how she is feeling, and her delivery. She said she felt good and was just busy keeping up with her other children.  She has 4 other children ages 15 down to 7 that she currently parenting.  They seem like a busy bunch, and she said that in her situation she knew that she wouldn’t be able to take care of an infant the way she would like to.  I don’t know her living situation or what she has been doing for the last 3 years.  She contacted the agency in December and they helped her move to Salt Lake City, UT  a couple weeks ago, where she is living until the baby is born. She said SLC it’s a nice place, but very different from Jackson, Mississippi where she moved from.
The agency has helped her get an apartment and groceries,enrolled her kids in school, is making sure she gets prenatal care, and support/counseling her through this process. Even though it’s so darn expensive, I have to believe that the services they are providing for her and her children are going to help her get back on her feet and helping us to have a healthy baby in the long run. I am grateful for them and that they are really in the business of helping families and giving babies a chance.
We also talked about Rawley and how busy and energetic he is.  She wanted to know if he a “good talker”, and we asked if she would like to meet Rawley when we come to UT.  She said yes, that she would like that for herself and for her other children to play with him. She is very respectful of us being Rawley’s parents but she thought it would be nice for them to see him, see us, and know that the new baby would be in the same home.  All of it went really well and I think we all feel better about the situation.  I honestly respect her very much. She is a very brave woman, and I am thankful for her strength and seeing this situation apart from herself.  I honestly don’t know how she has done it, but I am thankful she is willing to make such a huge sacrifice.  She probably loves this baby more than anyone in order to make this BIG decision.
LOTS OF QUESTIONS:  I keep getting asked and I know a lot of people are wondering, “how could she do this again”, “what about birth control”, or “is she doing this on purpose”?  Those are all valid questions and some I have thought of myself. However, I have to say that I don’t know her full story or situation and what led to this pregnancy, but I know that she has been married, struggling to make ends meet, and her marriage is on and off.  I don’t know about birth control, if or why it wasn’t used, or if this baby is that 1% chance that it failed, and was conceived on birth control.  We don’t know! That is for the social workers and doctors to ask her and help her with.  But what I DO KNOW is that she DID NOT do this on purpose.  She is a woman who LOVES her children enough to carry them to term, and place them into a loving family that can provide for them the way she wished she could.  The services she is getting are no where near the sacrifice she will endure. Adoption is a “SELFLESS” act of love and anyone who has had a child would know how difficult it would be to hand over that precious little baby and potentially never see them again.
 She is giving us the most amazing gift, that we cannot give ourselves.  This is how God is putting together our family and without her we wouldn’t be able to have these precious little boys.
THANK YOU for your LOVE and SUPPORT and all of your help in bringing Rawley’s little brother home!




My Life is a Parenthood Episode!

62b195e20ef523669596d52151ba5e91Did you see the last episode of Parenthood?  Well, I did NOT see it, but apparently I am LIVING IT!   Last Tuesday, during work I got a life changing phone call.  It was Linda from Heart to Heart Adoption Agency calling to inform us that Rawley’s birthmom is pregnant with another BABY BOY and she wanted us to have a chance to adopt him  also.   And if that’s not enough shocking news…..she is DUE IN APRIL—- April 9th to be exact!!

My feelings at that moment were something like: shocked, wow, OMG, scared, speechless, disbelief, shock, shock, and more shock.  I called Jeremy and told him and he kind of nervously laughed and told me to relax and we would talk about it later.  I just cried. I had a lot of thoughts racing through my mind and I was really overwhelmed with emotion.  Not necessarily good or bad feelings, just emotions. It took me a day or so to relax and not cry when I talked about it.

Rawley’s birth-mom wanted us to be the first to know, to see if we would like to adopt his baby brother? Honestly the most hesitation I had at first was because I have plans, commitments, goals for the future and in that instant, everything changed.  In a single phone call, I have not been the same.  That phone call changed my life, my family, and our future.  I am such a planner, and now all my plans may not be exactly the way I thought they should.  God’s plans are BIGGER than my plans and I know this.  Even though I know this, it’s not easy to accept right away.  I kind of had to let go of my ideas of the future and realize that this is such a blessing.  Carlos and Rawley are both “gifts” and we cannot imagine life without them.  They both came to the world at very “un-intentional” and “unplanned” ways, but they fit perfect into our life.  A child is a blessing, and this could be our child on his way into the world.  Regardless of the timing, we are faced with some big decisions and figuring out what to do.


In that call, the agency said that we could “take our time” and that they and the birthmom don’t want us to feel pressure.  A lot has to happen in very little time and that is scary.  If we don’t, another family will adopt this baby and we can try to get contact with them and hopefully allow the boys to know each other.  When I think about having a new born in 2 months, it makes me a little nervous and overwhelmed.  But when I think about Rawley’s baby brother in a different home, it makes very sad.  As much as I wasn’t planning on having a new baby, I really feel like we have an amazing opportunity to give Rawley a biological sibling and we need to try to adopt him.

We adopted Rawley over 3 years ago (after 2 years of infertility and 5 miscarriages) from Jackson, Mississippi.  It was quite an adventure and I kept blog then, that you can read about here. Click to read about Rawley’s Adoption
However, with Rawley’s adoption we had planned, saved, and borrowed money.  We were expecting his arrival so we were somewhat prepared.  We didn’t have the money then, so it was a leap of faith to move forward and see how the money would come in.  But it did, just in time to get Rawley on July 13th,  2011.  We had discussed adopting again, but honestly didn’t think that we would ever pursue it because of how expensive it is.  But, it’s so worth it! We can’t imagine life without him. He is the BEST thing we have done and you cannot put a price on that!
Now we have a chance to give Rawley a brother and we are faced with so many of the same issues but with LESS TIME to prepare. So now, we need more faith.  We haven’t planned for this baby at all,  and in fact I have given away almost ALL my my baby stuff.
What we know right now:
  • Baby Boy
  • Due April 9th
  • Birth-mom has moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she will deliver baby
  • Normal pregnancy
We honestly don’t know exactly how we will pay for this.  It’s extremely expensive.  The expenses are below to give you an idea of what we are facing.  We don’t want to anyone to feel obligated to help, but we know that sometimes people would like to help if they know how.  We trust that it will work out, as God always provides for what he wills.  We are moving forward and going to try to make this happen.
How you can help:
-Ideas??? information on loans, grants, or other ways to gain support
-Pray for us! This is a big event and there are a lot of surprises ahead that we want to handle correctly and just need wisdom and health for the baby and Leslie.
-Baby boy stuff (newborn clothes, diapers, and other)
-SLC, Utah- maybe a friend or family member who would let us stay with them until we are allowed to come back to Idaho.
-Financial help:  if you like to help out financially, or have ideas for us to borrow money at 0-low% interest rates, please let me know!
Adoption Expenses:
Home study and fingerprinting: $700-1,000
Placement/Agency Fee: $24,000
Hospital/Well baby Fee: $1,000
Medical Expenses: 6,000-9,000 (depending on Medicaid)
Travel and Hotel: $500-1,000

12 Weeks Fitness Motivation: Week #3 is FOOD!

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before….that ” 90%  of your fitness goals are reached through your DIET and nutrition” or “abs are made in the kitchen”, and my favorite “you ARE what you EAT”. Well, this is where I struggle the most and I know that I am not alone. Eating the right foods isn’t necessarily the problem for me, although I tend to overdue the chocolate at times;)  Portion control is a HUGE problem for me!  If I like the taste,  I often just don’t stop eating.

The other issue I have is that I don’t like to cook, but eating out is expensive and full of calories and fat you can’t control.  I honestly HATE cooking, but I have realized through fitness that when  it’s EASY and TASTY, and HEALTHY I enjoy being in the kitchen A LOT MORE!

So I have a few tips on how I have began to gain control of my diet and then and a couple recipes to share!

1. TRACKING FOOD: I use the My Fitness Pal App on my phone and started tracking ALL the food and the amounts I was eating.  This will help you understand how much you are eating and how much PROTEIN/CARBS/FAT you are consuming daily.

  • TRACK consistently for at least a week to see what’s happening with your diet BEFORE you really start to change anything drastically.
  • Set your weight goals and % goals in the settings and then the next week start trying to stay within that range. This process is ongoing and some days you will do better than others.
  • Weigh In and track it 1-2 times per week and record the progress in the APP
  • Find friends on the and you can see each others progress! ( P.S. It doesn’t show them weight gains, only losses)

The KEY is to keep doing it…even if you miss a day, just pick it back up and keep going!!!


I found this image and helpful TIPS to using My Fitness Pal on the blog below!

2. PROTEIN RECIPES:   I often recent food because of the time and energy it takes to make something, from grocery shopping, preparation, eating, and cleaning up. Then, the guilt and shame that follows for eating too much or something unhealthy comes and it feels like a constant battle!

HOWEVER, I have discovered many NEW protein recipes that remove ALL of the above issues I have with food resentment!  There are SO many EASY, TASTY Protein recipes that have helped me to get back in the kitchen without the negativity.


Breakfast /Snacks:  Egg White Muffins  (I posted this previously in the Food and Recipes)

  • I make 4X the amount in the recipe for a full week of quick breakfasts or snacks on the go!
  • Each serving (2 muffins) is 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup oats, and Fruit
  • Variations: I have played with this one a lot and depending on what I have I will change the fruit (blueberries/mixed berries or bananas, even pumpkin). I also add coconut shavings to the top, and add a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and baking cocoa for more chocolate flavor!

LUNCH OR DINNER:  Crock-Pot Chicken 4 Ways!

I know a lot of people get sick of chicken, but let’s face it, IT’S ALWAYS THERE AND ALWAYS GOOD! Shredded chicken goes on anything!

  • Place a WHOLE BAG of CHICKEN BREAST Tenders (thawed) in a crock pot with seasoning for 4-6 hours.
  • “Organic No Salt Seasoning” from Costco or any Mrs. Dash with garlic
  • Shred it with a fork


  1. Chicken Taco Salads: Add hot sauce, cheese, and other veggies to a salad
  2. Buffalo Chicken Wraps/ Sliders: Add Franks Red Hot Sauce and wrap with lettuce leaf or on bread or whole grain tortilla
  3. BBQ Chicken Sliders: Add BBQ sauce and eat in lettuce or on bread.
  4. Tortilla Soup:  Add Chicken Broth, can of green chilies, can of diced tomatoes, and cumin powder, sea salt, and pepper to taste! Top with cheese, chips, and low fat sour cream or plain Greek yogurt!


There are times when I just NEED a chocolate fix and don’t want to mess up my progress! This is an easy recipe that I tried and even though it wasn’t pretty (like the picture) it satisfied my late night cravings for something bad….and the BEST part is that it’s really NOT BAD at ALL!

Brownie For Onenew-brownie-for-one

 Serves 1
  • 2 Tbsp oat flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1.5-2 Tbsp stevia (more or less to taste…)
  • 1.5 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp almond milk
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (melted)
  • 1 Tbsp egg whites
  • A few mini dark chocolate chips (optional)
1. Combine all ingredients except chocolate chips well using a fork.

2. Transfer to a single serve ramekin (or mug if you don’t have one) sprayed with cooking spray.

3. Top with chocolate chips (optional)

4. Bake in microwave for 45 seconds!


Nutrition: per serving (yields 1): 110 calories | 12g carbs | 5g fat | 5g protein FIND MORE RECIPES AT: mind over munch
CHECK OUT the Week 3 motivation : Whey do people fail at Week 3?
This weekend I will be updating my progress photos and doing a Body Fat Analysis this week which will be updated to my BodySpace profile!